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In the spirit of what you do most days matters more than what you do once in a while, I’m deciding again to write. That and the giant bowl of popcorn I devoured is now empty and the tv remote requires getting up to reach.

Tonight was a PraiseKidz concert at church and like the paparazzi I lugged my big camera to photograph my niece. What do we do with these photos anyways? I think I have only ever seen two, maybe three, photos from my childhood concerts. One year my sister was a giant blue Psalty songbook and I would give anything for photographic evidence of that today.

One hyper-invested mother positioned herself squarely in the front row and then proceeded to raise her iPhone up, arms extended, during the entire concert to master what I can only assume she believed to be an aerial shot. Meanwhile, her arms cut right across my niece’s face. My only recourse was to extend the zoom on my lens and sniper in, just shy of the ear of the lady in the pew in front of me.

Spiritual warfare takes many forms.

The family booked a cruise.

It’s amazing how a simple getaway can do wonders for your soul. I’m a homebody at heart but knowing I can have food DELIVERED TO ME 24 HOURS A DAY is like someone just handed me the moon. I’ve never understood that phrase. What would I do with the moon? But I digress.

A getaway. With a balcony, coffee, yummy big ship drinks, and books. And my $$$ noise canceling headphones (because big ship, all the people, and homebody). I’m going to lose them over the balcony, I just know it.

I hope this isn’t terrible foreshadowing, but after I stopped having the dreams where I was being shot (yes, gun to my head and bang), I had this one dream where I was going on a cruise but I forgot to pack and forgot my passport and my entire family left me and waved from the ship.