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I’m starting a new series around here because if there is one thing we have a shortage of, it’s news about Casey Anthony.

Since we are currently on day 17 / day 6 of the trial, a re-cap.

  • The trial began with a bang or a bombshell, depending on your news network of choice. The State is resting its case on a scrap of rare duct tape; the Defense its case on a bizarre twist of daddy drama and accidental drowning.
  • I professed my love for Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. on Twitter, which pretty much means that if you are smart, no-nonsense, fair, and efficient, you will win my heart. Even if your name is Belvin.
  • Casey’s hair is incredibly long. Like, freakishly long.
  • For the love, you live in Florida. Why do you have an above ground swimming pool? Didn’t we go over this already?
  • On why grandmother’s should not use social media: May 28 quote of the day, “I had no idea MySpace was everybody’s space.”
  • Casey suffered from irregular periods, much like her mother. And now we are all just a little more uncomfortable.
  • May 31 quote of the day, “Zanny the Nanny” in triplicate.
Question to the jury (that’s you): What have I missed?