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Hello friends.

You may have noticed the blog came to a sudden halt. Two weeks ago, my dad suddenly and unexpectedly died. And when I say suddenly, I mean it in every sense of the word. The Lord just took him home, right in the middle of an afternoon run. One second he was here and the next he was gone. In an instant. It was that sudden.

Needless to say, I haven’t had the words or the energy or even the motivation to write. It’s a strange thing, death. My dad brought joy and smiles and a giant Santa Claus belly laugh wherever he went and suddenly trying to keep up a blog that attempts to bring joy, smiles, and laughter into your life feels, well, wrong.

I know it’s not. I know he wants all of us to keep on living because he’s actually more alive now in Heaven than he ever was on earth. And that’s hard to believe because my dad knew how to live.

I promise to tell you more about him. I want you to know him. I want you to know this incredible man who loved everyone, served everyone, and left a legacy wider and deeper than I could have ever imagined.

But for now, I’m focusing on the task in front of me. In this case, it’s a 30+ hour flight to Manila, Philippines on the hippie flight to L.A. I’ve never seen so many vegans on a Delta flight in my life. The couple next to me have their shoes off, feet up on the bulkhead, and are traveling with one of the three large poodles I saw at the checkin counter. And we nearly had to turn the plane around because a girl with a cast was sitting on the exit row.

Another shining moment in air travel.

p.s. My mom is amazing and started a blog of her own about my dad called Lessons from Roger. Check it out!